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creative direction + brand identity design + website design

Precision Printing is a small printing company who has been in business for over 35 years. Post-pandemic, they moved to a new location after decades at the same location. With a new location, comes a new identity. They were looking for something vibrant, personable, and modern to draw in a more youthful clientele.

The logo is a modernized version of their previous logo. They wanted to pay homage to their history and use the registration mark as their icon. Now, it is a more dynamic mark that still uses the classic CMYK colors, but in a modernized gradient. 

The website was updated to highlight their printing capabilities, cater to a youthful audience through fun language and bright colors, and educate their clients on the printing process. They value giving their customers the best experience possible, and it was a priority of theirs to be portrayed as friendly and approachable in an lesser-known market.

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